Matlhalerwa Extreme Adventures


inspired by adventure, driven by curiosity, unhindered by fear

Hunting with Matlhalerwa Extreme Adventures

Matlhalerwa Extreme Adventures invites you to take advantage of their most affordable hunting adventures. We try by all means to bring our clients as close to nature as possible.

The company is run by Black South Africans who grew up heading cattle and goats, trapping, hunting and tracking animals the ancient African way and have since acquired modern day hunting skills and are qualified Professional, Skilled and Dedicated Hunters.

The team combines both the modern day professional hunting and ancient African stalking or tracking techniques to make your experience as memorable as possible.

We prefer to sleep in a tent under the moon and the stars with no electricity, prepare you nice dishes on the wood fire and tell you excellent fireside stories on any topic that can come up on the day. We also organise hunts at 5 star game farms.